Woman, strong, empowered woman, on a quest to be. Mother to my two children, aspiring role model and loving counselor. Wife, supportive and independent. Corporate lawyer, aiming to do well and do good simultaneously. Athlete, avid reader, traveler and explorer. Having it all and not at the same time. Learning to let go and savoring every last morsel.

Nobody gives you a roadmap on how to live a meaningful, happy, fulfilling life, so Messy Bliss is an attempt to create one for myself. 

Welcome to Messy Bliss. I’m Sucharita Varanasi, a first-generation Indian-American, raising two children in Cambridge. This website is my playground- a space for me to play, be myself, test out new ideas, share, explore and have some fun. I’m looking to create a community of like-minded people so I hope you will engage with me.


Join me on this messy but beautiful journey called life.